Price list clarification:

The price shows the value of the most popular forms of baggage (bag, plastic bag, backpack, travel bag, suitcase). However, charges for storage depend primarily on the shape, size and weight of your baggage. Therefore, the price may differ from the one indicated in the price (can decrease or increase). For example: small bag may not cost 80-90 UAH, but 60-70 UAH (depending on its size); and the cost of storing for the large backpack cannot be 60 UAH, as shown in the price, but 80-90 UAH.

Contact us if you want to find out the price for storing your baggage.

  • The minimum cost of storage your baggage – 30 UAH.
  • The maximum cost of storage your baggage – 90 UAH.
  • The price is indicated for the storage of each individual piece of baggage up to 24 hours.
  • Each next storage day counts after 24 hours.
  • Everything that is attached to your baggage is considered as a separate item of storage.
  • Payment for baggage storage is made at the time you hand over your belongings.

Top 10 questions about luggage room "Your Baggage":

No. The price that is shown is paid for storage up to one day, not for an hour.

You pay for each separate thing, and not for a place in our luggage room. Every item that is attached to your baggage is considered as a separate item.

You can leave any baggage. It doesn’t depend on the weight. The maximum price of storage services is 90 UAH.

You can leave any small hand baggage. The minimum price for storage services is 30 UAH.

Payment is not hourly. You pay a one-time fee for the storage of up to 24 hours.

You can take back your baggage the next day at no extra charges if from the time of delivery has not gone more than 24 hours. You pay for the additional day of storage after 24 hours.

You can continue to keep your baggage in our luggage room, and not to take it back, by paying for the extended period.

You can leave your belongings in the luggage room “Your Baggage” for any time you needed by paying ahead for the entire period of storage.

We guarantee 100% reliability and security of your things. We have round the clock video surveillance room. At any time you can see what happened to your baggage during the time of storage.