Rules in the luggage room “Your Baggage”

  • These rules are the ones to base the usage of our services and complaints of clients that may occur during storage of baggage.
  • Luggage room "Your Baggage" is created for baggage storage.
  • We may take hand baggage and baggage in any packages, regardless of its type (suitcase, bag, backpack, etc.), some things (clothes, bicycles, skates, skies, etc) may be taken without packaging.
  • The weight of individual pieces shall not exceed 80 kg.
  • Payment for baggage storage is made at the time you hand over your belongings.
  • Payment is done according to our prices.
  • Payment for baggage storage is made for each piece of your baggage separately for a period of one day (till 24 hours).
  • Each item that is attached to your baggage is considered as a separate one.
  • After 24 hours of storage you have to pay for the following day.
  • When you hand over your belongings to our luggage room, we write down your name, telephone number and approximate time of taking back baggage.
  • When you hand over your baggage you receive a token with the number and the logo "Your Baggage". Also you put your signature in the "Journal of the baggage."
  • If you want to take back your baggage, you must return a previously received token.
  • In case of a token loss, clients have to show their passport and describe the content of their bags.
  • A fine for a token loss is 50 UAH.
  • Claims for loss or damages of certain things are taken directly at the baggage claim in the presence of the police and the owner (or the owner representative) of "Your Baggage".
  • Claims for loss or damages of certain things are not accepted after baggage is taking back.
  • Claims for loss of baggage or certain things are considered on the basis of video surveillance cameras that are installed in a luggage room "Your Baggage".
  • "Your Baggage" shall not be responsible for any loss of baggage or its parts that occurred not through its fault, but: 1) by fault of third parties (theft, robbery and etc.); 2) unforeseen circumstances (fire, flood, and so on); 3) force majeure (natural disasters, destruction of buildings and the like).
  • Fruit, vegetables, berries, mushrooms and other agricultural products, as well as all bulk (salt, coffee, flour, grains and the like) and liquid goods are accepted for storage in any package, which guarantees their complete storage and transfer.
  • "Your Baggage" is not responsible for deterioration of perishable products caused by natural reasons.
  • It is forbidden to take on the storage animals and birds, weapons, drugs, explosives, flammable, (alcohol, benzene, acetone), fireworks, infectious, radioactive, corrosive and poisonous substances, and also things that smell unpleasantly or may contaminate or spoil other things and luggage room. The decision to refuse to accept baggage in "Your Baggage" is made by a worker of the luggage room by explaining to the client the reasons of refusal.
  • It is forbidden to take on the storage cash, securities, bonds, documents, gold, precious stones, jewelry, antiques, digital appliances and other valuable items. Responsibility for their preservation is not taken by "Your Baggage".
  • Receipt for payment of services on request.
  • If within thirty days the owner will not take things that have been deposited in the luggage room, it means the owner voluntarily renounced ownership of these things and does not want to receive them. Such things are in dispose of the owner of ‘"Your Baggage".
  • A baggage worker has the "Book of reviews and suggestions" and it can be given on request.
  • The client who hands over the baggage in the luggage room (according to article № 11) is considered to be informed with the rules in the luggage room "Your Baggage".
Owner of the luggage room "Your Baggage" Bokoch M.:
(Certificate of registration of an individual - entrepreneur № 23190000000008478,
ID number: 3115503070)